Diesel engine vehicles, including your Ford, generate a high amount of pull at low RPM, thereby enabling them to consume less fuel than gasoline engine vehicle.

However, with our expert Ford diesel tuning done to improve your Ford vehicles torque, you will be able to ride at an even lower RPM, and therefore use less throttle and burn lesser fuel. Our professional diesel tune service on your Ford removes the limitation of your vehicle’s standard factory setting and releases the hidden capabilities of your diesel engine.

In addition to an improved torque and increased fuel economy, diesel tuning your Ford will also provide you with more power, and enable you to enjoy driving your vehicle on any terrain and for any activity.

Unlike other diesel tune shops offering Ford diesel tune, we do not provide generic diesel tune service, but advanced diesel engine tuning that has been optimized for your particular ford vehicle.

Model Ranger PX 1 & 2 Ranger PX Ranger PJ/PK Ranger PJ/PK
Engine 3.2 Litre T/D 2.2 Litre T/D 3 Litre T/D 2.5 Litre T/D
Standard 147 Kw 110 Kw 115 Kw 105 Kw
Standard 470 Nm 375 Nm 380 Nm 330 Nm
GT Performance Tuned 182 Kw 138 Kw 149 Kw 130 Kw
GT Performance Tuned 635 Nm 453 Nm 480 Nm 418 Nm

GT Performance is a Division of GM Motorsport Pty Ltd
23 Reserve Road Melton Vic 3337
P: 03 9746 6656 - F: 03 9746 6646
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